Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Julia Thompson: Interview

{By Chelsea Morning Pappas}
With sacred feathers hanging from her hair, and gemstones stashed in pockets like medicine bags, she walks, with the earth as her tribe, majestic and purposefully, grounded by the mud, dirt, and grass beneath her feet. Like the sun, she radiates warmth, adventure, compassion and honesty, that can be felt even from great distances, inspiring growth, happiness, peace. Able to converse with the universe; she is magnetic, she is energy, she is healer, she is guide. It was an honor and joy to interview Reiki Master, Julia Thompson. 
Would you explain to our readers what Reiki is and what it means to you personally?

Reiki is an energetic hands-on healing modality. A Reiki session consists of a Reiki Practitioner gently laying hands on you in a variety of still positions (or hovering them over you) to channel in Universal Healing Energy. Reiki energy cleanses and balances your energy fields ~ and works for healing on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically, and Spiritually. It is also a very relaxing experience. To me, Reiki represents the capacity to connect to the Divinity of the Universe and the Divinity within US to be able to clear out the old and welcome the loving new.

For someone who may not be familiar, could you explain a little as to what some of the sensations a person might experience during a Reiki session?  And, for those who are considering becoming attuned with Reiki, what sensations do you, as a practitioner experience?
Receiving Reiki feels VERY relaxing. I relate the emotional sensations of Reiki to the feelings of love, comfort, safety, and sinking into yourself. It’s not uncommon for a new client to come in and tell me that they are high-strung and not easily relaxed, and then mention after their session that they haven’t relaxed like that in YEARS!
Clients also often feel heat from the practitioner’s hands and throughout their body. It is not actually the practitioner’s hands being HOT, it is the energy that is flowing through them. Others feel tingling and cooling. Some people experience a sensation of waves of energy flowing through them. When your energy is shifting, you can feel really neat energetic experiences that are unique to you and your session.
As you give Reiki, you receive Reiki. So giving Reiki is a very Zen experience. I feel a flow of energy coming down my head and through my chest and arms. When working with clients I also feel a variety of sensations indicating different blockages, imbalances, or traumas in their energy field.
Reiki energy can be sent to others at a distance, how does this work?
Energy is everywhere and everything. Once attuned to Reiki II you become energetically attuned to and learn to utilize a symbol which is an energetic bridge to give you the ability to send distance healing. There are unlimited aspects of what you can send healing to using this symbol ~ people, circumstances (Past, Present, Future), Mother Gaia, Historic Spiritual Figures…anything! However, it is important to practice Energy Code when sending distance healing to an individual, doing so by simply getting their consent! 
 You offer clients the option of incorporating crystals into their Reiki session. When did you first become interested in working with gemstones?
Gemstones have been a very special part of my conscious journey. They were my first peek into understanding more about energy. I was introduced to them in 2012 by a friend. I recall having quite a surprised reaction that I could FEEL the vibrations of the stones. A process of breaking the ROCK SOLID belief system that a rock is just a rock began. Crystals created the space for me to learn about energy discernment. Different stones made me feel different ways and held different sensations, which led me to learning how to honor myself and what I was feeling in deeper ways than ever before. It was natural for me to incorporate stones into my Reiki sessions ~ they are my little energetic helpers.
Not only are you a healer, you are also a teacher of Reiki! For those who are interested in becoming attuned with Reiki, would you explain how, where, and when a seeker might be able to attend your classes?

Once dates are announced all classes are listed on our events page on our website:
If interested in learning Reiki, the levels go as follows:
Reiki I, Reiki II, ART (Advanced Reiki Therapy) and Reiki Master.
There are many different kinds of Reiki, I teach Usui Reiki.
My Reiki I class is a 2 day weekend course. During the course you become attuned to Reiki level I, learn how to use it for self-healing, healing for others, plants, and animals. It also focuses on developing energy discernment techniques!
You bring such a glorious amount of positivity, light and healing to the world and I love that you also offer Manifest your Dreams; one-on-one dream manifestation sessions, Energetic Space Clearing and Life Coaching!!  What advice would you give to someone who wants to change their life, but might be afraid to take that first step?
Big changes can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to slip into black or white thinking when making changes in your life. Acknowledging any issue is always the first step towards change. Then, remember, small daily or weekly actions add up to bigger changes! Never be embarrassed to seek out assistance and support for your journey. A support system, like a Life Coach, can often be what YOU need to stay motivated and insightful on why you are making the changes you desire! 
10 little questions (because it’s the little things that mean so much)
What is your favorite sound?
Rain hitting treetops in a forest
What smell do you love?
Palo Santo
Which is better: mud pies or fruit pies?
Mud Pies…but literally! I love to barefoot walk and mud is my favorite to play in!

What show would you rather find yourself in, Mister Rogers Neighborhood or Bill Nye the Science Guy?

Mister Rogers!

Do you have a spirit animal?
I receive lots of messages from lots of different animals ~ I’d say maybe I AM a Spirit Animal ;)
If you were a Biker, what would your Biker name be?
Feather Rider
What’s your favorite herb?
What’s your favorite essential oil?
(Local Creator) Nature’s Essence’s mixture called Love’s Enchantment with Jasmine, Palo Santo, Palmarosa, and Lavender with flower petals!
What’s your favorite gemstone?
What is the universe trying to tell us?
We are all interconnected. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to Grow, Evolve, and Blossom. We are all Divinely supported. There is enough for EVERYONE.
Julia Thompson
Quantum Balance Erie
1001 State St. #202
Erie, PA 16501

To schedule an appointment with Julia, call 814-873-5011 or go to:

Monday, August 27, 2018

SAGE: Herb of the Month

In an era so enthralled with white sage for smudging that it's becoming overharvested,
we often overlook the fragrant, delicious and also powerful common garden sage.
Salvia Officinalis is typically used as a culinary herb for flavoring meats, soups, stuffings, etc. It has also been used for thousands of years in traditional practices like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.
Sage has been shown to improve mental capacities and has significant effects on cognition. This makes it valuable in treating memory loss in individuals suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia. It can help with recall, alertness and contentedness.
Those with diabetes and associated inflammation have found sage to be helpful in lowering glucose levels. It also balances cholesterol by lowering LDL and HDL levels. A study performed on menopause subjects with fresh sage in capsule form found that many symptoms, such as hot flashes, were quickly relieved.
Sage also helps in the garden- pests like carrot flies and cabbage moths are repelled by it, but pollinators love it. The great outdoors is also the best place to utilize common sage as a smudge for removing negativity, as it is very effective but inhaling the smoke can be damaging to the lungs.

Try this recipe for Squash Fritters & Fried Sage- a delicious autumn appetizer!

Vegetable or peanut oil, for frying
1 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 cups seltzer or club soda, chilled
Kosher salt
1 1/2 lbs kabocha squash or sugar pumpkin- peeled, seeded & cut into 1/8" thick wedges
1/2 cup sage leaves
Flaky sea salt and lemon wedges, for garnish

In a saucepan, heat 1" of oil to 360 degrees. In a bowl, whisk flour & 1 1/4 cups of seltzer
til smooth like sour cream; add seltzer if too thick. Season with salt. Working in batches,
dip the squash and some of the sage in the batter; let excess drip off. Carefully add
the battered pieces along with some uncoated sage leaves to the hot oil. Fry over
moderately high heat, turning, until lightly golden and crisp, 3 to 5 minutes. Using
tongs, transfer to paper towel to drain. Season with sea salt and serve immediately with
lemon wedges.

CLARY SAGE: Essential Oil of the Month

Clary Sage essential oil is one of the best hormone-balancing essential oils. It contains phytoestrogens and is often used to relieve PMS symptoms, hot flashes, menstrual cramps (dilute with a carrier and use as a massage oil!) and other hormonal imbalances.
It increases circulation and decreases emotional stress. It is also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, making it a great aid for lowering cholesterol.
Clary Sage relaxes the brain and arteries and improves circulation, helping to lower blood pressure. Clary Sage supports the digestive system by boosting secretion of gastric juices and bile, but should only be used topically or in a diffuser for this purpose.
Women in childbirth often diffuse it during labor- it is known to reduce anxiety, fear and pain. It also reduces cortisol levels and treats depression. Overall, Clary Sage is a wonderfully relaxing, soothing and balancing essential oil.
If you suffer from insomnia, try a few drops in a diffuser in the bedroom to alleviate stress and anxiety and promote restful sleep.

by Kristy Baird

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

BRONZITE: Gemstone of the Month

"Bronzite facilitates simply 'being', entering a dynamic state of non-action and non-doing. Spiritually, this is the perfect stone if you have trouble in stilling yourself, since it brings total serenity. Marketed as effective against curses and sold as a magical protector, Bronzite turns back negative thoughts and ill-wishing. However, it returns ill-wishing, curses or spells back to the source considerably magnified, perpetuating the problem as it 'bounces' backward and forward, but stronger each time, and makes the ill-wisher feel extremely ill while the 'recipient' remains protected but aware of the energetic disturbance. It is more effective to use Bronzite in combination with Black Tourmaline, as this absorbs the ill-wishing, immediately stopping the interaction and taking attention away from the source.
Psychologically, this 'stone of courtesy' strengthens non-judgmental discernment, pinpoints your most important choices and promotes decisive action. This protective, grounding crystal is helpful when you feel powerless in discordant situations or are in the grip of events beyond your control. Holding Bronzite increases self-assertion, restores composure and assists in keeping a cool head. With its assistance, you can take an objective perspective and see the bigger picture. It is helpful for overcoming stress and reversing willfulness, teaching how to go with the flow of divine will. If you have become stuck in any negative pattern, Bronzite releases it.
Physically, Bronzite is useful for supporting and balancing masculine yang energy within the body or psyche."  -The Crystal Bible 2

Sit Still and Listen: Hyperactivity

Natural treatments for hyperactivity are much more popular in Europe than here in the U.S. Valerian has been used there since the 1970's. In one German study, hyperactive children experienced improved learning skills, muscle coordination and reaction time after only a few weeks of taking valerian. They were also less restless and less fearful. And amazingly, 25% recovered completely.
Another remedy used for hyperactivity in Europe is catnip, which contains compounds similar to those in valerian. Linden flower tea is a traditional afternoon drink given to French children to settle them down. At London Children's Hyperactive Clinic, evening primrose oil is used. Evening primrose oil is better known for successfully treating PMS, but the clinic has found a possible link between hyperactivity, PMS and even alcoholism. They feel this connection is due to overproduction of prostaglandins, which are reduced by evening primrose oil.
While herbal treatments can reduce hyperactivity, children benefit most when dietary changes are also a part of the program, along with supplements of magnesium, Vitamin C and B-Complex.

by Judy Burger

Sweet Sweetgrass

By: Amy C. Keiper, also known as the writer, LC Harrison
Love, kindness or peace, and honesty or harmony is one of the many meanings that the three strands in a braid of sweetgrass represent when being tied; other meanings include: positivity, strength and connection, as well as, mind, body and spirit. Sweetgrass is viewed as a sacred plant of Mother Earth, and like its name is sweet scented. Like sage, sweetgrass is utilized to purify spirit and for smudging. Smudging is the purification of a person or place from negativity by the smoke of a plant viewed as sacred. Sacred plants, which include: Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Tobacco, Basil, Mugwort, as well as wood from trees like Palo Santo and Agarwood, are used world-wide for smudging.

Historically, Sweetgrass has been used for its healing and calming properties, and to attract positive energy and good spirits. In Europe, Sweetgrass was often placed before church doors or strewn before them on Saint’s days for its sweet smell. The plant has been used to promote the attraction of positive energy in spirit work, to help create a positive and calm environment for a gathering or rite, and even has been utilized to calm dogs. Sweetgrass has been carried to aid in joint inflammation, and applied topically to prevent blood clots and also to assist with menstrual bleeding. Sweetgrass has also been carried as a connection to the the Earth, and tied into a circle to represent the medicine wheel. Healing wise, Sweetgrass has been burned to aid in respiratory issues for people and dogs, and to soothe anxiety issues. 

To best enjoy Sweetgrass, a braid may be used for smudging. It is important to remember that Sweetgrass is viewed as sacred, and traditionally should not be cut by metal. The end of the braid that has less green color to it is lit by a steady strong flame, such as that from a torch lighter, candle, or fire. Rotating the braid gently, when it is being lit, helps to light it. Blow on the lit end a bit, make sure the flame goes out to produce the smoke from the dried plant. When done smudging by wafting the smoke around the space or object being cleansed, snuff out the braid by stamping it against a fire safe container like a shell or a bowl of sand etc. Often, Sweetgrass may be followed by smudging with Sage at the end of a rite, gathering or meditation.

Anyone can benefit from the sweetness of sweetgrass from the calming and soothing qualities of its scent, the positive feeling sweetgrass may help promote, or from its long standing traditional healing properties that bring peace, harmony, and strength for the mind, body, and spirit.