Tuesday, June 26, 2018



By: Amy C. Keiper also known as the writer LC Harrison

Pathworking has been associated with what Shaman’s have called “the Great Work,” aiding with Self- Discovery and also with Enlightenment, defined as a way of finding an understanding that allows the seeker to expand and learn beyond their current place on their present life path, bringing them closer to knowing themselves, and providing perception that helps the seeker move forward in life’s lessons. For Shamans, Pathworking meant Vision Quests or any type of Spiritual journey, where the seeker searched for wisdom from within. Meditation practices that connect seekers with their animal guides or spirit animals are a form of Pathworking. Pathworking can be a way of finding your life’s direction, making Pathworking like “path-finding”.

Pathworking is a way to guide and remind the seeker how they are connected to their world around them. It is a seeker’s way of connecting their intuitive and conscious mind together by being able to contemplate symbols in a way that brings understanding of them on a new level, which may be rather character building for the seeker. Pathworking allows the seeker to view challenges or negative aspects in a way that those may be overcome, and to be more aware of the positive helpful aspects that surround them. Much like Mindfulness, which is defined as the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something, so that one may acknowledge and accept their emotions, thoughts, feelings, and present, Pathworking helps a seeker to truly know themselves in a way that they may better cope and accept themselves.

Pathworking may easily be applied to any meditation tool, including Tarot, which can prove to be a very useful Pathworking tool. In Tarot, a seeker may easily meditate on a single card to search for the meaning of that card for the seeker through its imagery. On a deeper level, Tarot when read in larger layouts is like a journey and a story with each reading showing the seeker a path. Like a map of the seeker’s current feelings, thoughts, and environmental happenings, a reading allows the seeker to gain new perspective and insight by helping the seeker through the meanings of the cards and where those cards fall in relation to each other. In this way, Tarot might give new insight to problem solving, strong emotions, understanding of the self, and provide the seeker with information to apply and work through whatever their situation might be. And, like in any pathworking, Tarot provides a karmic aspect of choice, enabling the seeker to have a glimpse of insight to better make their decisions in which way they turn next.

However a seeker approaches Pathworking, they will find a better understanding of themselves, while clearing away confusion, doubt, and fear, allowing the seeker to more easily find their way through life’s challenges, mysteries, and many emotions. And, in finding their path, the seeker will find that they better understand the connections between themselves and their relationships, environment, and their inner intuitive and conscious selves.